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This timetable is constructed to allow exchange students to read the class schedules extracted from our intranet. The table consists mainly of courses from the School of Business & Management, School of Humanities & Social Science, and Language Center. Only General Education courses for the School of Science and School of Engineering are included as most Business students will not have adequate background to enroll in the other courses offered by these 2 schools.
You can only select courses where you meet the pre-requisites. The pre-requisites and other important course information can be viewed by scrolling over the icon next to the course title. DO NOT select courses where you do not meet the pre-requisites.
L = Lecture
T = Tutorial
LA = Laboratory
ONL = Pure Online
BLD = Blended Learning
EXP = Experiential Learning
EXCLUSION = Cannot be taken concurrently with excluded course;
Cannot select if taken excluded course before
TEACHING MEDIUM   [C] = Chinese will be used in teaching and some reading materials
= [Ca] = Cantonese will be used in teaching
  [Pu] = Putonghua will be used in teaching
READING MEDIUM = [C] Require Chinese Reading
For some courses, you will need to select both an L and also a matching T (or a matching LA).
T’s which are TBA will not clash with any course. With these courses, just select the matching L and T.
This timetable is subject to changes. HKUST reserves the right to make amendments where necessary.